whoops sorry about the recent lack of art! have some redesigns of old ocs

pastel pink and green skeleton sweaters are now back in stock on my etsy shop

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This isn’t my art but I wanted to share some of my mom’s recipes from her YouTube! Please give her channel EasyChineseFood a look, she makes lots of easy-to-make Chinese food and baking recipes that generally take few ingredients and little preparation. Her Youtube is my cooking lifeblood in college lol….

drew this eeeons ago for my portfolio but I’ve neglected to post it until now - an alternative spin on the “ranger” concept!

doodled some character outfits for fun after work! i (not-so) secretly wish i were a fashion illustrator….

been meaning to draw myself a personal Fallout poster for aaaaages - finally finished this after a few weeks of on-and-off work!

having fun with different styles haha - my two Couriers from Fallout: New Vegas!

Ancient Egyptian-inspired fashion designs

60s fashion legionary / 50s fashion viking

Gaming survey!! #2

Hi hello again! I’m still working on a Something this summer so here is another survey regarding gaming - this one’s a bit more involved than the first one but any responses would be a huge help. Thanks!